Promised Land by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris is making waves, and for a good reason. The children’s book not only offers representation for the LGBTQ community but also strong heroines, people of color, and interracial relationships!

Author Chaz Harris shared a review copy of Promised Land with us and it’s absolutely worth all of the hype that it’s getting. Not only is it visually gorgeous, the story is inspiring and normalizes same-sex couples in the context of a children’s book. Plus, the story teaches children about responsibility, standing up to bad guys, and overcoming obstacles.

Harris explains the importance of the book saying, “I experienced a lot of homophobic bullying during my teen years at school, as did my co-author Adam Reynolds. We believe books like this can make a difference for future generations to make them kinder and more inclusive to their LGBTQ peers, and we hope to be able to provide more LGBTQ youth with the representation they need in stories because if you don’t see yourself in stories, you don’t see yourself in the world.”

Promised Land originally began on Kickstarter where 796 backers pledged NZ$ 43,362 to get the book going! The The first edition print run published in February 2017 and sold out in just 3 weeks.

About ‘Promised Land’ by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris:

In Promised Land, a young Prince and a farm boy meet in the forest and a growing friendship between them blossoms into love. However, when the Queen re-marries, her sinister new husband seeks control of the enchanted forest and the land the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

The book, which contains 32 color illustrations by artists Christine Luiten & Bo Moore is also available as an ebook in multiple languages including Spanish for Latin America, Brazilian Portuguese and German.

The creators of Promised Land discuss why they set out to make the LGBTQ themed children’s book:

You can also watch a preview of the audio book below:

Promised Land is available now on its official website, Amazon, and iBooks! And don’t forget to add it on Goodreads!

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