1:15 pm EDT, April 18, 2015

Project Leda meets Project Castor on ‘Orphan Black’ season 3, episode 1

After a dreadfully long wait the clone club is finally back with the Orphan Black season 3 premiere tonight on BBC America.

It’s been so long since we’ve gotten new episodes of Orphan Black, but the wait is finally over! The third season premieres tonight across all AMC channels. That means that, if for some reason you can’t watch it on BBC America and live in the US, you have the option to watch it on AMC, SundanceTV, IFC and We TV.

In case you’ve forgotten what happened last season be sure to read our season two catchup by Danielle Zimmerman. Written directly after season two ended, the article reminds us about which characters knew what facts, since there’s so much going on you tend to forget who knows about Alison’s murderous deeds and who knows Cal’s true identity.

And this past spring we interviewed Ari Millen, as well as Tatiana Maslany, so be sure to read up on those if you want to know a little more about what you’ll be watching tonight! And don’t worry – both interviews are spoiler free.

Additionally, if you want more Orphan Black goodies you can read our premiere teaser article, where we give you a couple of quotes from the episode and tell you which parts of tonight’s episode had us most giddy.

Tonight’s episode is going to be astounding, and Millen brings some brand new drama to the show with his clones. In fact, if you have any reservations about male clones being a part of the story then we suggest you read our review of his performance. We know that a lot of fans are wary of his character(s) going in to this new season, but we assure you that Project Castor brings a new feel to the show and it doesn’t take away from our leading ladies in any way!

If you’re curious about what tonight’s episode is about check out the synopsis: “Sarah pursues the missing Helena who is held in a faraway compound. Sarah must use her wiles – and acting chops – to deter a Topside investigator who threatens the Leda sisters’ lives. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. But when the menace of Castor rears its head once more, Sarah and her entire family must come together to survive.”

‘Orphan Black’ season 3 premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern!

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