Pretty Little Liars has been part of our lives for longer than high school, so assigning these yearbook superlatives should be a piece of cake!

We were cheated out of watching the girls graduate on Pretty Little Liars, but the series finale will be like a graduation, in itself. After seven years together, the Liars and the fans will go our separate ways.

No graduation is complete without the classic superlatives. Of course, we’ve had to make some alterations to the typical list, because Rosewood is unlike any other town.

For example, we swapped out the typical “most likely to trip at graduation,” for “most likely to have killed Charlotte!” In the world of Pretty Little Liars, the latter just makes more sense. Don’t worry, we’ve put in some fun ones too, but answers to the big questions are always our main priority as Pretty Little Liars fans!

We’d love to include all of the Pretty Little Liars characters in the fun, but since there are far too many great ones to even remember, we’ve decided to keep things simple.

The voting will be limited to the group that we refer to as the Liars, which in our minds, is Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Mona and Spencer. The other girls might not give Mona the credit she deserves, but we’ll never make that mistake! #JusticeforMona

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Let the voting commence! Pick your Liar for each of the following questions, and let us know why in the comments.

Which Liar is the most likely to…

pretty little liars, spencer hastings, marco

pretty little liars, ezria, ezra fitz, aria montgomery

pretty little liars, mona vanderwaal. spencer hastings

pretty little liars, hanna marin, ashley marin

‘Pretty Little Liars’ yearbook poll: Tell us why you picked who you did!

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