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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Who is Addison Derringer and why should you care?

The new girl in Rosewood, Addison Derringer, is already causing serious trouble. What role could she play in the final season of Pretty Little Liars?

There’s already way too many Pretty Little Liars characters to suspect, but they added one more to the mix in season 7, episode 12. Addison Derringer made her Pretty Little Liars debut in a big way by seriously threatening Emily and even coming for our Emison!

While the last thing we want to do is get to know yet another suspicious Rosewood resident at this stage in the game, now that she’s here, we can’t not think about what her role could be in the grand scheme of things. Is she working with Jenna Marshall? Is she really the new Alison? Will she actually be the catalyst for Emison?

Here are four theories for what Addison’s role could be in the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Check them out, and let us know if you agree in the comments!

Addison Derringer aka A.D.?

pretty little liars 7x12, addison derringer, emison

Please, please, pretty please with cherries on top, let this not be true. We did not wait for seasons to solve this mystery just to have some preteen waltz in and take credit for the whole thing. Since it wouldn’t even make any sense, we’re going to give the Pretty Little Liars team a little credit, and say that this probably isn’t the case.

Although the A.D. thing is hopefully just another red herring, similar to the Archer Dunhill fiasco, Addison could still be involved in some way. There was that interesting moment with the Jenna text, after all. However, since Pretty Little Liars likes to make the most innocent people look the most guilty, we’re not buying too much into that, yet.

If Addison is involved with the A game though, we’re hoping there’s an interesting reason behind it. We know almost nothing about her, so she could be connected to anyone. She could somehow be related to one of the Liars, their friends, their enemies, or she could even be…

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Yet another Drake child

pretty little liars, spencer hastings, mary drake

Because surely Peter Hastings screwed up at least one more time! Addison does bare some resemblance to the Drake matriarch, so we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of yet another piece in the very complicated Drake/Dilaurentis/Hastings puzzle.

If Addison is related to Mary, that means she’s also related to Charlotte. If she knows about her sister, she could be out for revenge. Also, if Charlotte is still alive, she could be using her little sis as her woman on the inside. We could actually kind of get behind this one! Alternatively, Addison could be linked to Charlotte’s father. We still don’t have any confirmation on his identity, so it could be cool to learn a little bit about how that side of the family plays into everything.

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Alison’s redemption

What better way for Alison to achieve the redemption that she so desperately needs than by saving a young girl from going down the same path? From the little we’ve already seen of Addison, she’s definitely beginning to walk in Alison’s footsteps. There are some differences, for sure, and she lacks some of the finesse of her older counterpart, but she certainly has potential to wreak the same amount of havoc that Alison did at Rosewood High School.

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Alison knows what she did and where it got her in life. We assume that she actually has some interest in her students, since she wanted to become a teacher, so hopefully she would want to stop one of them from earning the same future. Addison’s already been bested once by the Rosewood faculty, so she’ll probably be out for revenge. Maybe Alison will be able to stop her from striking again, leading to a more fulfilling life for the little A.D. Maybe she’ll even get to stand up for Emily in the process, leading to an Emison endgame!

The future of the show

pretty little liars 7x12, addison derringer

Alternatively, since everyone’s saying Addison is the new Alison, what if they actually made her the new Alison? What if the show continued with a new generation of A’s torture, after the Liars (hopefully) gain their freedom?

They’ve been talking about a potential Pretty Little Liars spinoff since before they announced that the show was ending. While we’re intrigued by the idea of more Liar drama, it’s really not likely that many of the main cast would sign on. At least not right away. Addison could be a way to keep the show alive, without them. Our favorite characters would obviously pop in to Rosewood, from time to time, but the show would largely feature a new generation.

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How perfectly Pretty Little Liars would it be for them to make their grand reveal, only to have the series end with someone else receiving a text from A? Would it be the most frustrating thing ever? Yes. Are we getting chills thinking about how deliciously dramatic it would be anyway? Absolutely.

What do you think Addison’s up to in Pretty Little Liars season 7?

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