We’ve been waiting for answers since Pretty Little Liars returned, and they finally delivered! What could these five huge reveals mean for the #PLLEndgame?

Pretty Little Liars promised to give us answers in “almost every single episode” of season 7B, but so far we’ve been left largely disappointed. With season 7, episode 14, that all changed!

This week’s Pretty Little Liars hit us with a few massive reveals that could have huge implications for the endgame of the series. The question is, what will the consequences of those reveals be? Take a look at our thoughts and let us know what you think, in the comments.

Mary Drake killed her sister

pretty little liars, jessica dilaurentis

Mary Drake has been a bit of a wildcard since she stepped on the scene in Pretty Little Liars season 6. Obviously fans have a predisposition to suspect anyone in the DiLaurentis clan, and Mary Drake was no exception.

We first met her when she was working with Archer Dunhill, even though we thought he was Elliot Rollins at the time. Terrorizing one of the Liars isn’t a great way for anyone to make their debut on the show, so we were skeptical right from the start.

However, when Mary revealed her motives and continuously helped (or at least didn’t hurt) the Liars, fans began to question if their initial judgments were correct. We wondered if she was actually evil, or if it was just her face (and the fact that it looked exactly like Jessica DiLaurentis’).

When Mary Drake revealed herself to be Spencer’s biological mother at the end of Pretty Little Liars season 7A, we wanted her to be trustworthy more than ever. Spencer’s been hurt way too much already. There’s no need to pile more family baggage onto her shoulders.

Now that we know Mary Drake killed Jessica, things aren’t exactly lining up in her favor. We knew that the two had some jealousy issues between them and that they were far from close, but for Mary to murder her own twin sister puts her firmly on the “do not trust” side of things. At least, in our opinion. We’re starting to hope that Peter gets her sent away before Spencer can find her, so she can’t do any more damage.

Pastor Ted is Charlotte’s father

pretty little liars 7x14, hanna marin, pastor ted

Now this one, we really didn’t see coming! If we had to line up the men of Pretty Little Liars and put them in order of their likelihood to be Charlotte’s father, he would have been near the end of it. Either that, or we would’ve forgotten him entirely.

Since Pastor Ted never even knew that Charles was his son, his past actions aren’t tainted by this news (unless he’s lying). We can only hope that Pastor Ted is just returning to Pretty Little Liars to reunite with Ashley, but we’re worried that his role might be a little more sinister.

Now that PT knows he hashad a child, things are different. If Mary Drake, or anyone else, convinces him that the Liars had something to do with her death, he might be persuaded to work against them. We definitely want to trust him, but he lied for Mary once in the episode, so who’s to say he won’t do it again.

The other interesting part of this is that, to our knowledge, Charlotte had no interest in meeting her birth father, even though she was frantically searching for her birth mother. Did she know something about him that made her not want to know him? If so, Pastor Ted may have been sketchy all along.

Lucas knew Charles

pretty little liars, lucas gottesman

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal, but it certainly seems like it’s a big freaking deal! If Lucas knew Charles, he probably would’ve made the connection to Charlotte once the news broke. His failure to divulge their friendship to Hanna certainly makes us suspicious.

Is it possible that Lucas never made the connection? Maybe. The DiLaurentis’ weren’t overly public about Charles’ identity, so Lucas might not have even known Charles’ real name. Also, the boys were quite young in the photo, so potentially Lucas just didn’t remember enough about his friend to make the jump.

That being said, we have known Lucas to be less than honorable in the past. What if he was actually visiting Charlotte in Radley when he went to visit Mona? What if he never stopped being on the A Team? What if he actually killed Charlotte to stop her from revealing some long lost secret?

Whatever Lucas’ deal is, we’re hoping that Hanna will confront him about it soon. He’s never been a great liar when it comes to her, so even if he’s able to explain it away, we’re sure he’ll give himself up before too long.

Emily’s Alison’s baby mama

pretty little liars 7x14, emison

Most Pretty Little Liars fans saw this one coming, but that didn’t make the reveal any less WTF worthy. Side note, Shay and Sasha killed the scene in which Alison revealed the truth to Emily. Despite how crazy the whole situation is, the scene was absolutely beautiful, and it really showed how far the characters and the actresses have come since Pretty Little Liars season 1.

Anyway, back to business. So, Alison is carrying Emily’s baby! Emison shippers rejoice, because we’d be absolutely shocked if this isn’t the catalyst for an Emison endgame. Paige has always tried to be okay with all of Emily’s drama, but when it comes to Alison, she’s always more sensitive than she wants to be. She was able to forgive everything once she found out that Alison was going through a lot with her pregnancy, but when she finds out about this development, we’re betting she’ll bounce.

Sydney is working for AD

pretty little liars 7x14, sydney driscoll, jenna marshall

Weirdly, this was the most “meh” reveal of the entire episode! She said that she shot Spencer and that she’s been behind everything, but all of that is likely a lie, given her earpiece and her clear terror.

The interesting parts about this reveal came from A.D.’s willingness to use the people that are close to the Liars. If they were able to scare Sydney into doing their bidding, who else could be on board? Everyone in Rosewood has secrets that could be used against them at any moment. The Liars aren’t the only ones keeping everything “hush hush.”

The most interesting candidate for A.D.’s squad is obviously Aria. Sydney said that Aria was chosen because she’s desperate, but truthfully, the Liars all seem pretty desperate at this point. This could mean that A.D. is more connected to Aria than anyone else. Jason DiLaurentis, Mike Montgomery and Andrew Campbell all come to mind.

What has been the most shocking reveal in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7?

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