On tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars season 5, episode 2, “Whirly Girlie,” the girls all return to Rosewood but that doesn’t make their lives any easier.

The episode kicks off with the Liars rolling back into Rosewood on a bus from their rendezvous in New York. The girls immediately convince Ali that they need to tell the cops the entire truth from the Jenna thing to Aria killing Shana. They march over to the police and is it just us or was Pretty Little Liars throwing in an Abbey Road tribute with the shot of the girls walking across the screen? Calling any bizarre Beatles/PLL crossover enthusiasts for theories on this one.

At the station Ali goes on to tell Detective Holbrook that she was kidnapped and held hostage for two years. It quickly becomes apparent to Holbrook that Ali is lying because he must have realized that no one’s hair is that perfectly curled when they’re being held hostage. Luckily her father walks through the door and the conversation ends. Noticeably absent from this reunion is Mrs. DiLaurentis.

For the rest of the girls, each is hit head-on with a series of not-so-happy family reunions. We see a distraught Spencer fight with her mother over lying about where they have been and whose body was really in Ali’s grave. Hannah returns home clearly agitated and the only thing on her mind is food. It seems that Ali’s return home may not be the best thing for Hannah’s mental health after all. Emily and her family don’t get much spotlight, as her scene is cut down to a mere phone call and even that is interrupted by Spencer.

Being the only smart one in this situation, Spencer points out how asinine it is for them to continue to lie to the cops. As Spencer and Emily bicker, they are distracted by the sounds of Jason inexplicably cleaning his car on the night his sister comes home.

Before they can ponder the mystery much longer, Ali cryptically reveals to them that she had received a new text saying, “The truth will bury you in a New York minute.” Someone is still after Ali, and Spencer and Emily decide on the theory that it was Jason who buried her in the grave. They believe the text came from Mrs. DiLaurentis in order to protect her son from going to jail.

The girls leave Aria out of it all because she is dealing with a bit a PTSD after killing Shana and has been having nightmares about her death. She wakes up to the sounds of a violin coming from her window. Creepy? Yes. But that’s nothing compared to Ali, who has Jason disturbingly watching over her while she sleeps.

Toby is back! He shows up at the Hastings’ house and tells them how the story about Melissa seeing him in London was a complete fabrication. This leads Mrs. Hastings, Toby and Spencer to figure out that Melissa is hiding something.

Ali sneaks out of her house to visit the mausoleum where her coffin is. She is followed by Mona, who reveals herself to be the one who sent the text. She claims she didn’t sign it because she doesn’t have to hide who she is anymore.

The episode ends with Pepé, the new family dog at the DiLaurentis home, finding Mrs. D’s body buried out back. There you have it; Mrs. D has officially been confirmed as dead.

While we didn’t dislike the episode, we did feel there was a bit too much going on for our liking. We could have done without Aria’s PTSD storyline for this episode or even the Mike/Mona relationship.

Other then that, though, we have to say we love seeing Ali back in Rosewood and we’re excited to see what type of new person she becomes.

What did you think of this episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

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