In the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, the girls ventured to Ravenswood in this jaw-dropping episode. Beware of spoilers moving forward.

On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars season 4, episode 12 season finale, the girls received Magic 8 balls which warn that if Ashley (Laura Leighton) is set free, A is coming after them. As Travis declines to identify Ashley in a line-up, Ezra (Ian Harding) lusts after Aria (Lucy Hale) while in class quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A little much, don’t you think? Aria meanwhile struggles between the pull of Ezra and Jake (Ryan Guzman), who does not have the same poetry tastes.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) comforts Ashley while the District Attorney decides to drop the charges against her. Paige (Lindsey Shaw) worries about Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) safety and invites her to stay the night. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) continues to call Toby (Keegan Allen) after he disappeared after their fight at the hoedown.

Ashley goes out with Pastor Ted (Edward Kerr) just as the girls receive a doll worrying of Mona’s (Janel Parrish) eminent demise. According to the news, CeCe (Vanessa Ray) is on the run and is guilty of killing Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson). Do you believe this is true?

Spencer tries to contact Wren (Julian Morris) but discovers that his place is packed up as if he’s ready to go. Meanwhile, Shana (Aeriel Miranda) is hiding out in Wren’s apartment. Could she be the partner he called? Emily and Paige try to track down Mona with limited success.

Toby goes through his mother’s stuff and ignores Spencer’s pleas to help him. He finally is moved to call her when he discovers that Shana has Wren’s new address, which happens to be Melissa Hasting’s (Torrey DeVitto) flat in London. Toby decides to not pursue his mother’s death in order to placate Spencer. Do you agree with his decision?

Jake and Aria’s date ends early as he sleeps through the feature. She then goes to the brew and catches Ezra after the poetry reading. The two then discuss a past poem in a very formulaic love scene and kiss as Red Coat looks on.

Spencer demonstrates her magic skills as she uncovers A’s latest trick. Spencer theorizes that A wants to put on an act for Rosewood. Toby trails Shana driving Mona’s car while the Pretty Little Liars discover that a magic show is going on in Ravenswood. Looks like a field trip is in order.

Aria is selected by the magician to disappear, and after a moment of suspense, reappears without a scratch. It appears that the real trick was making Emily disappear. The Pretty Little Liars call Emily, who is hysterical and near the sawmill. The girls chase Red Coat, who leads them into the warehouse with Emily. They save Emily and discover that there are two Red Coats. Aria fights one Red Coat who is revealed to be CeCe before she falls seemingly to her death.

As the girls freak out over CeCe, she moves her fingers and disappears. Spencer shows the girls A’s lair, which she believes Ali led her to. It is full of photos, timelines, and computers that monitor the Pretty Little Liars’ whereabouts. Toby follows Shana to a bed and breakfast where she meets Mona. The girls discover a bank account which reveals that CeCe is an employee, not the head of it. Aria sees Wren on the timeline while Hanna sees men’s clothing in the closet. It appears that A was also following Ali.

Mrs. Grunwald warns the girls about following Allison and wants to protect her. She reveals that Ali was afraid and was being threatened. Mrs. Grunwald has the gift of insight and helped save Ali on the night of her murder out of the dirt. Mrs. Grunwald apparently drove Ali to the hospital, and when she went to get help, she disappeared. Mrs. Grunwald warns them that they’re being watched and that he is watching them.

Caleb gets on the bus to Ravenswood just as the girls receive the foreboding message. In the last few minutes it is revealed that Ezra followed the girls and went back to the lair. When do you think Ezra had time to become A? What do you think are his motivations?

What do you think of Pretty Little Liars season 4, episode 12? This episode had major reveals and completely flipped the series on its head. What do you think of Ezra as A? Have you processed this episode yet?

Pretty Little Liars resumes with its Halloween episode in Ravenswood on October 22 at 8 p.m. EST.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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