‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 2 finale will reveal the identity of ‘A;’ who could it be?

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6:45 pm EDT, March 14, 2012

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The season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars called “unmAsked” will air on Tuesday, March 20, and the moment many fans have been waiting for will finally happen: “A” will be revealed.

As a fan since the pilot episode I have been wondering who this mysterious tormenter who goes by “A” could possibly be. There have been many theories as to who it could be, some obvious and some unbelievable. I am going to list who I think are the best contenders for the identity of “A”:

It is very clear that Melissa had it out for Alison since she found out about her and Ian. What better way to get revenge than to kill Alison and torment her sister and her friends?

Jenna holds a huge grudge after the incident that made her blind commonly referred to as “The Jenna Thing” and Alison was the one that put that into motion. Jenna knows that where Alison goes her four friends Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are sure to follow and therefore would want nothing to do with them but should the opportunity arise where she could kill the queen bee and blackmail the four girls into doing whatever she wanted then I have no doubt that she would take it.

Alison took every chance to torment Lucas by calling him names and completely shunning him. She also spread a nasty rumor about him that would make anyone want revenge. Maybe Lucas just couldn’t take it anymore and ended the torment by ending Alison’s life.

Spencer and Emily both had dealings with Alison that they just passed off as a dream even though it felt very real. Alison could be very much alive and still be the one pulling the strings.

Mona and Hanna had both been nobodys and Alison loved to remind them of that. She accepted Hanna into her circle but left Mona in the dust and wouldn’t give her the time of day. Pretty soon after Ali’s death both Hanna and Mona got makeovers and became best friends. It has been revealed in recent episodes that Mona has been getting texts from “A” but could this just be a trick? Could Mona be “A” and just sending herself the texts to throw everyone off of her trail?

One of the parents:
I admit this one seems less likely but it is still a possibility. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings stood the most to gain from wanting Alison gone after what was revealed about Jason and Alison and how they are connected to Spencer and Melissa. We all saw how mad Mrs. Hastings was at Jason, could she be mad enough at Alison to want her dead and torment her daughter and her friends? Ella and Byron Montgomery and Ashley Marin seem to be unaware of what goes on in their daughters’ lives, but could they know more than they are letting on?

Of course “A” could be anyone, but these are my best guesses as to who it could be. Who do you think the mysterious “A” could be?

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