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‘Pretty Little Liars’ ending: 5 things we’ve learned since the series finale

Pretty Little Liars’ ending tied some things up, but that doesn’t mean the answers stopped coming in!

The final few episodes of Pretty Little Liars delivered a lot of the answers that fans were craving, but honestly, there’s still so much that we’re unsure of. Luckily, information continues to trickle out as the show’s creator, I. Marlene King, chooses to divulge it.

We still have no idea why Sara Harvey ever existed, but here are five cool things that have been revealed since the Pretty Little Liars ending.

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ showrunner admitted that she made at least one mistake with the series

Pretty Little Liars ending

When Deadline cleverly asked King if there was any storyline that she would change, she had an interesting answer.

We’ve complained extensively about how things went with the Liars’ relationships in the final season, and it turns out, not even King herself felt great about it. She replied by saying, “I wouldn’t have broken up all of the couples between the five-year time jump. I would have kept at least one couple together. I won’t tell you which one, but I wish I would have done that.”

So, who does she mean? Does she regret breaking up Spoby and Haleb for the Spaleb love triangle madness? Was bringing Nicole into the Ezria mix the bigger mistake? We know we’d prefer if neither of these things had happened!

Wren was supposed to be A.D.

Pretty Little Liars ending answers

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Take your place on the podium, “Wren is A” theorists. It turns out, you were basically right all along.

King told EW the following, when asked if there were ever any other options on the table:

“Originally my mind was going to Wren as A.D., but we had to be realistic and there have been times when we really needed a character who wasn’t a series regular and we couldn’t get them on the show. “The show is so deeply rooted in mythology and I’ve always said you have to know the ending before you know the beginning or else it won’t make sense, so that dictated that we needed to make A.D. someone who was a series regular.”

Ugh. Just imagine how awesome it would’ve been to have the final A.D. be a character from Pretty Little Liars episode 1? Especially a character who already had so many secrets. Imagine the vindication for everyone who’s suspected Wren from the beginning! At least we have this statement to hold on to…

King also mentioned toying with the ideas of Melissa and Mona, which would also have brought it back to the beginning. Do you think one of these options would’ve been better than the Alex Drake reveal?

Mona is holding onto Wren’s… remains

pretty little liars 7x20, mona vanderwaal

Since Julian Morris has become too successful for Wren to be A.D., Mr. Kingston met his untimely demise at the hands of his third Hastings sister. Third time’s the charm, or should we say, the diamond?

TVLine noticed that Alex Drake was no longer wearing her little Kingston diamond in her final scene of Pretty Little Liars. When they asked King what happened to it, she responded by saying, “No, but knowing Mona, she’s got it somewhere. She’s holding onto that.” At this point, it looks like Mona plans to collect everyone who’s deceived her!

There could be a Mona-centered spinoff in the future

pretty little liars, mona vanderwaal

The same TVLine interview went on to reveal that a Mona spinoff may actually be in the works, sometime in the future! When they asked how long Mona would keep Alex and Mary Drake in her dollhouse, King said, “Not forever. We may hear more of that story in the future, fingers crossed.”

We’re very intrigued! We’ve already outlined one Mona spinoff that we’d like to see, but this one might fill at least a little of the Pretty Little Liars void!

Not even the moms know how they got out of the basement

pretty little liars 7x20, ella montgomery, byron montgomery, ashley marin, veronica hastings, moms

Despite all of the huge Pretty Little Liars mysteries, many fans craved the answer to one question above all others: how did the Pretty Little Liars moms get out of the DiLaurentis’ basement?

Well, if that was the one thing you were hoping to clear up before Pretty Little Liars ended, it looks like you’ll be forever disappointed. Not only do the fans of the show not know, but apparently, the moms themselves don’t even know!

When Observer asked the hard hitting question, King responded by saying, “no one really knows how they got out and each of them has their own theory about that.”

Of all the questions that were left unanswered, this one might burn most of all.

What questions did ‘Pretty Little Liars’ leave you with?

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