12:56 pm EDT, August 31, 2018

Pottery Barn’s new ‘Harry Potter’ line is seriously incredible

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Adult Harry Potter fans are frequently in a conundrum: We want to buy certain things, but they come off… kiddie. That is not the case with Pottery Barn’s new line of Harry Potter merchandise.

Sometimes I’ll want to buy certain Harry Potter merchandise I see at Target, Box Lunch, Hot Topic, but it’s just… not subtle. I like subtle merchandise, because true fans of a series will see what I’ve purchased and know that I’m a fan of something without me throwing it in their face. I’m also an adult. I want to place adult decor in my adult home, ya know?

Enter this new Harry Potter line from Pottery Barn and PBteen, which I’m seriously blown away by (Even if it’s allegedly for “teens”). These home goods are detailed, adult, and beautiful. They subtly worship Harry Potter without hitting you over the face.

Like everything at Pottery Barn, it’s all expensive. But holy Dumbledore would it be so worth the galleons:

A Hedwig bedside table

A faux Hogwarts book set lock box

A freakin’ Great Hall dresser, with the Hogwarts emblem inside

A Hogwarts Great Hall bed frame with the freakin’ House emblems on it



A Golden Snitch desk lamp

A Hedwig table lamp

Jewelry holders

Gold wall hooks

VELVET House robes

And tons of great kitchen stuff

All of this and a lot more is available over at Pottery Barn. Accio credit card!

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