5:00 pm EST, August 15, 2011

First users within Pottermore review the site for Hypable

Earlier today select users started receiving their Welcome E-mails which granted them access to J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore.

We’ve gathered a few of their reviews to give you a sneak peek, including one from Hypable’s own Jeremy Baril!

Overall fans are very satisfied with the site though there have been a few qualms.

Jeremy had this to say:

Pottemore is a breathtakingly detailed companion to an equally detailed world. J.K. Rowling has beautifully translated her magical world into the digital age in a way befitting of the Harry Potter series. Within each “moment” are such beautiful details and visuals that when new writings from Jo herself become available, they are a marvelous icing on an already wonderful cake. I only urge you not to rush, because, as with the Potter books themselves, there are plenty of details and treats to find along the way!

When we asked our followers on Twitter what they thought we received these responses:

From Allie:

The graphics are amazing and I loved reading the new material from JK Rowling! I think my favorite part was reading about McGonagall’s backstory because it’s pretty surprising.

“Luna Lovegood” wrote:

I just finished the first book and it was abosolutely amazing! The graphics were so cool. Potion making was kinda hard though.

It took “Luna” about four hours to get through the book’s moments (the main feature of Pottermore). BUT:

If you’re going to sit and do all the spells and potions, it’ll take you WAY longer. I skipped most of that cause it wasn’t loading.

Said Kevin:

Pottermore is truly spectacular! The new info on McGonnogall is incredibly entertaining and insightful. Best site ever! learning about McGonnogall past and the reason why she cares so much about quidditch was quite illuminating and fun. Also learning the reason why Quirrell went looking for Voldemort. There is so much more to the story than we could even imagine.

Finally, Cristina told us:

It’s cool. Awesome wand info. Potions SUPER buggy. Practiced dueling, can’t wait for them to go live. Will be AWESOME.

We’re slightly concerned about how quickly fans can get through it (especially considering we’ll have to wait until next year for Chamber of Secrets), but it’s sure to be an interesting read.

If you’ve gained access to Pottermore, be sure to leave a comment letting us know how it is!

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