11:08 am EST, January 28, 2016

Pottermore’s Hogwarts House sorting quiz is back online

Let J.K. Rowling herself sort you into a Hogwarts House.

Harry Potter fans can once again get sorted into a Hogwarts House via Pottermore’s Sorting Hat Quiz.

We were all disappointed when Pottermore’s Sorting Hat quiz went offline, but fear not: It’s finally back!

Pottermore has been undergoing some big changes over the past few months, and when you visit the site, you’ll first be struck by the lack of flash. All the info is now available through the navigation bar at the top, with J.K. Rowling’s original writing all gathered in one place.

The Sorting Quiz itself is more simple (and seems shorter?) than it used to be, with questions displayed in a dropdown menu.

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You can also let your wand choose you, though that feature seems a little harder to locate.

When you go to get Sorted, make sure you read J.K. Rowling’s extensive notes on the Sorting Hat. We particularly like this passage about how she came up with the idea:

The Sorting Hat does not appear in my earliest plans for Hogwarts. I debated several different methods for sorting students (because I knew from early on that there would be four houses, all with very different qualities). The first was an elaborate, Heath Robinson-ish machine that did all kinds of magical things before reaching a decision, but I did not like it: it felt at once too complicated, and too easy. Next I placed four statues of the four founders in the Entrance Hall, which came alive and selected students from the throng in front of them while the school watched. This was better, but still not quite right. Finally, I wrote a list of the ways in which people can be chosen: eeny meeny miny mo, short straws, chosen by team captains, names out of a hat – names out of a talking hat – putting on a hat – the Sorting Hat.

Some fans are having trouble logging in with their old details, but I was able to register for a new account with my old email address — give that a try. You’ll get a personalized site, and it’ll even display your own name, although the community features seem to be gone for good.

Now for the big question: Will we ever get that Patronus Quiz?

Did Pottermore’s Sorting Hat place you in the right Hogwarts House?

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