2:35 pm EDT, May 16, 2019

Pottermore quizzes move to WizardingWorld.com, a new hub for all things magic

The Wizarding World franchise has launched a new website that will serve as a central access point for all things Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and beyond.

WizardingWorld.com is a new partnership between Warner Brothers and Pottermore that lets the two Potter owners share resources, which in their words will improve their relationship. It also appears to be a site that’ll help them manage the various spokes of the ever-growing Wizarding World wheel over the long-term.

Full details have yet to be announced, but it’s clear that the new site changes Pottermore as we know it. Many of Pottermore’s most popular features appear to be moving to WizardingWorld.com, including the Sorting Hat and Patronus quizzes. A just-announced Wizarding Passport feature lets you keep all of your test results and Wizarding World favorites (like characters, places, and spells) in one profile. You can also export your Wizarding Things to a digital identification card:

Your passport might also end up being the way you log into forthcoming Wizarding World products. Their website says you can “take your Wizarding World traits with you wherever you go” and “be recognised in the real and digital world.”

This is completely a guess on my part, but I would hope that the Passport will let you log into, say, the upcoming mobile game Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite. In theory, the Passport could pass your Hogwarts House, Patronus, etc. to the app you log into so you don’t have to keep taking quizzes again and again.

What’s more, MuggleNet recently reported that a paid subscription service called Wizarding World Gold is in the works for WizardingWorld.com. The service will grant you priority access to real-world events, among other benefits. The news was met with some backlash, and a representative tried to quell outrage by spinning it all positively to The Leaky Cauldron.

Much more is expected on WizardingWorld.com, and it likely ties into a lot of projects that are in the works — we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store.

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