10:15 am EDT, September 10, 2012

Pottermore adds ‘Harry Potter’ audiobook clips book-wide to enhance experience

We’re big fans of a feature on Pottermore that seems to have been added recently.

While browsing through each chapter in the books, you will occasionally hear a clip from that chapter’s Harry Potter audiobook. It will automatically play when you enter a particular moment, and the clips we heard last around 10 – 30 seconds. The audiobook clips used are from Jim Dale’s reading, who narrated the books for United States readers. Stephen Fry was the United Kingdom Potter audiobook narrator.

Visit Chapter 14, Moment 2 (click here if you’re a member) to immediately experience one of the clips. This is as a great addition as it makes Pottermore feel like more of a book experience.

Currently, the entirety of Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone and four chapters from Chamber of Secrets are open to the public. Pottermore says that they will soon be adding additional chapters to Chamber of Secrets. You can see a preview of the “Deathday Party” chapter, where Rowling reveals new information about the ghostly character Peeves.

Pottermore is a collaborative project between J.K. Rowling and Sony. It features exclusive new writing about Harry Potter from the author and has features like house sorting, wand selection, and a variety of mini games. It opened to the public earlier this year after a bug-filled beta period.

Thanks to Kevin for the head’s up.

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