A “fourth evolution” of sorts, the Pokémon Mega Evolutions will be introduced in Pokémon X and Y this fall, changing the gameplay of the series forever.

Pokémon Mega Evolutions will allow Pokémon, such as the fandubbed “NewMew,” to go into a temporary leveled up stage.

UPDATE: The official art for the new forms of the Mega Pokémon, along with the new Pokémon and their descriptions, can be found here.

The Pokémon confirmed to have this ability so far are Mewtwo, Ampharos, Blaziken, Mawile, Absol, and Lucario, as was revealed in Bulbapedia’s translated scans of the leaked September 2013 CoroCoro Comics magazine. See the alternate forms for these Pokémon below.

Pokemon Mega Evolutions

Special conditions for leveling up third stage creatures into Mega Evolutions are detailed in an example for Blaziken. A special Torchic, holding the item Blaziken Knight, will be distributed online for a limited time. While holding Blaziken Knight, this Torchic will eventually be able to evolve into Blaziken’s Mega Evolution.

The confirmation of Pokémon Mega Evolutions being temporary comes from footage of Mewtwo turning into NewMew, and then back again, in Movie 16, ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. Watch the entire prologue to ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens with English subtitles here.

While not all Pokémon that have Mega Evolutions have to be in their fourth stage (See: Mewtwo), it will be neat to see some third stage Pokémon, like Blaziken, “evolve” for a fourth time, however briefly.

New Pokemon

Along with the confirmation of Pokémon Mega Evolutions, Bulbapedia also translated the scans for three new Pokémon creatures. All names are rough translations from Japanese, and are not the official English names.

Me’ēkuru is the pre-evolution of Gogoat, the Pokémon on which players will be able to ride.

Me'ēkuru Pokemon

Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon, is an Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon that bares a striking resemblance to Pikachu. It has the ability Pickup and a new ability called Cheek Pouches.

Dedenne Pokemon

Horubī, the Burrowing Pokémon, is a Normal-type Pokémon. It also has the ability Pickup and the new ability Cheek Pouches.

Horubi Pokemon

What do you think about Pokemon Mega Evolutions?

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