1:15 pm EST, February 22, 2020

Pokémon Home fixes hyper training IV issue in coming maintenance

The Pokémon Home app is deleting hard-earned Pokémon stat changes, but The Pokémon Company has a fix in store.

While Pokémon Sword and Shield made maxing out Pokémon IVs, or the values that determine a Pokémon’s stats, much easier, the recently released Pokémon trading app Pokémon Home is deleting players’ hard work.

In a tweet by the Play Pokémon Twitter account, The Pokémon Company addressed the issue of hyper training IV negation by referring to a coming maintenance period. If players miss the pre-February 25 window, the lost IVs will be gone forever.

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Getting a Pokémon to level 100 in Pokémon Sword and Shield is fairly easy by using level up candies obtained in Gigantamax battles. However, earning the Bottle Cap item to max out a given stat, such as Speed or Defense, in Sword and Shield is no easy feat.

Earning enough watts from Pokémon dens in the Wild Area is made relatively simple with the max raid time travel watts exploit. However, clicking through the menu on the lefthand digging brother near the Pokémon Breeder in the Bridge Field area to farm Bottle Caps, can take hours. I’ve included a relative timecode for the watts time travel exploit below.

I was consistently able to farm around 300k watts using the time travel exploit; it took around an hour to do. However, I mindlessly clicked through the left brother’s digging menu for around two hours, earning me an average of four Bottle Caps each run.

It’s all easier than breeding to get a Pokémon with the perfect IVs and nature (aided by the newly introduced nature candies), but still, it can take nearly 10 hours to max out any given level 100 Pokémon’s IVs. All of this means The Pokémon Company understands that erasing of all of those hard-earned hyper trained level 100 max IVs hyper training grinding hours is incredibly frustrating.

While it is quite the annoying process to bring all of the Pokémon that you brought to SWSH back into Pokémon Home, it’s the only way to get back all of those precious IVs that the app took away. Pokémon Home released for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices on February 12, 2020.

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