3:30 pm EST, February 12, 2019

‘Pokémon GO’ announces highly requested ‘Pokémon Snap’-like feature

The Pokémon GO snapshot feature brings all of your ‘mons to life, saving you a lot of trouble in the process.

It’s always been fun to see where the monsters in Pokémon GO pop up when using the AR functionality of the game. That is, entering an encounter with a wild Pokémon and seeing what it looks like when it’s floating around in the real world has made for some cute and hilarious Pokémon GO snapshot screenshots.

Now, Niantic has announced that players will soon be able to call out any Pokémon in their bag to see what they will look like at any given location. If you are able to see a location in real life, you’ll be able to see what any given Pokémon you own will look like in the Pokémon GO snapshot functionality.

pokemon go snapshot announcement

Rather than having to take a screenshot, players will be able to press a simple snapshot button to use the GO Snapshot functionality. All snapshots will automatically share to a player’s device, making the whole process a lot cleaner and customizable.

Bring an Eevee to the market, show off your shiny Dragonite at the gym, or give your Torchic a little cozy time by the fireplace. The possibilities are endless, with Niantic sharing some cute concept art of the soon-to-go-live feature.

While a release date for the GO Snapshot function has yet to be announced, we can imagine Niantic is working tirelessly to ensure that the feature is both coming soon, and hopefully, void of any and all glitches present in the launch version of Pokémon GO.

It only takes one round of that for a company to learn both their missed value and major mistakes in pushing out a game or features before they are fully ready to be active on users’ devices. With the hefty profits Pokémon GO is still drawing in, Niantic’s inclusion of this fan-requested feature feels like a simple “thank you” for making it one of the most popular mobile games of 2018.

Source: GameSpot

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