2:45 pm EST, January 4, 2019

‘Pokémon GO’ earned one third more in 2018 than previous year

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Pokémon GO is on fire, and is not looking to slow down any time soon. With insane sales numbers and an evergrowing player base, catching ’em all has never been more lucrative.

In a report by Sensor Tower, it was revealed that Pokémon GO made a whopping 35% more in 2018 in microtransactions than it did in 2017. For anyone who had the impression that Pokémon GO was dying down after the initial hype, this incredible increase may come as a shock.

The mobile game continues to draw in players with seasonal events and items, giving trainers a reason to log in every day to see the yields of their patience. That sort of earned loyalty comes in the form of a gross $795,000,000 in worldwide revenue for 2018.

Larger events, such as special raid battles, weather events, holiday events, and free items draw players in droves, leading them to purchase more in-game items to increase their chances of catching or hatching the perfect ‘mon. With PvP battles now live, Pokémon GO‘s growth will likely follow the same upward trend in 2019.

The introduction of the fourth Generation Pokémon brought the creatures of the Sinnoh region into the fray. As not all of the Pokémon from a given Generation are released all at once, the slow trickle or releases draw in a crowd seeking to stay updated on how they can continue to catch them all.

Despite some heavy setbacks in terms of buggy gameplay and unreliable servers, the team behind Pokémon GO, Niantic, seems to have found their stride. The game plays much smoother than it did in its initial release in July of 2016, and is continuously being improved in the interest of a better player experience.

Seeking to keep their evergrowing nostalgia-driven audience invested, Niantic raised $190 million for the upcoming mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The Harry Potter mobile game will released sometime in 2019.

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