12:50 pm EST, November 23, 2016

‘Pokémon GO’ adds Ditto, but he’s hidden (Plus: Finding Pokémon gets easier)

Just in time for Thanksgiving travel, a beloved Pokémon has been added to GO: Ditto!

Ditto had been mysteriously missing from Pokémon GO since the app’s summer launch, but the developers had a good reason: He needed to be able to morph into other Pokemon, and the code to do that was apparently difficult to develop.

Now he’s available, but you won’t see Dittos popping up in the wild. He’s actually disguised as at least three of the most common Pokémon out on the streets: Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat.

Ditto’s presence will surely encourage us to start catching those Pokémon again, despite already having caught a billion of them already. Many of us gave up on capturing these three since they show up endlessly. Smart move, app developers!

Here’s what it looks like when you catch one of the three Pokémon who are secretly Ditto. Like an egg ready to hatch, the app will give you an “Oh?” message before you see the creature transform:

Ditto may be the first of many new additions to the game. A recent examination of the app’s code found references to 100 additional Pokémon. Can’t wait!

In addition, GO has announced they’re expanding the test area for the new Sightings/Nearby feature. Now you can see Pokémon near each Pokéstop and the footprint distance. Here’s a screenshot of my app in Los Angeles this morning:

Pokemon Go new nearby sightings feature

Roughly half of the United States currently has access to the new sightings/nearby feature. Areas of Canada and all of Australia also have access. More info on its rollout can be found here.

Finally, beginning today and running through November 30, all in-game actions will receive double XP and Stardust. In a blog post, GO says they’re doubling these numbers to celebrate a great few months.

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