The 100 composer Tree Adams chats to Hype Podcast about scoring season 4 of the CW series.

We’re excited to welcome Tree Adams onto the podcast for a long overdue, in-depth chat about his process of scoring music for The 100! Adams joined the show last season and created some absolutely beautiful themes including the “Clexa,” “Bellarke” and “Murphy and Emori Grifter” themes, and we can’t wait to hear what he’s got planned for season 4.

This interview spans everything from his process to reflections on individual character themes, a few teasers for themes we can expect on The 100 season 4 soundtrack — if we get one! — and discussions on the origin of Grounder music and what an apocalypse actually sounds like.

The 100 fans will definitely get a kick out of listening to Tree Adams talk about his work on the show, and his genuine passion for the story and world he is a part of creating. Enjoy!

– We begin by talking about how Adams made his way into the industry
– Working on The 100 is a collaborative process that requires compromise, but also allows a lot of freedom and experimentation
– From script to screen: Adams describes the process of scoring the show
– How do you musically represent the nuclear apocalypse?
– How much can we expect new themes versus music that builds on existing themes?
– Octavia and Echo’s themes are discussed in depth
– Will there be a Kabby theme this year?! Inquiring minds want to know!
– The season 4 soundtrack is hopefully going to be released — and Tree wants it on vinyl, too
– We talk about whether there’ll be more Grounder music in season 4, and how their music has developed
– How would he classify the ‘sound of this season?
– We discuss some of his favorite characters, and whether “Bellamy’s Choice” is really the name of a season 4 track
– Adams also answers a few fan questions that include identifying different instruments for different characters, discussing the Bellarke theme and whether that will be reprised in season 4, and which album he’d save for the apocalypse.

Make sure you follow Tree Adams on Twitter and visit his website to learn more about his other projects. If you’re interested in more The 100 content, check out our previous Hype Podcast interviews with author Kass Morgan and language creator David J. Peterson, as well as our review episodes of season 1 and season 2!

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