NATWP Podcast

Episode #11 – Devil On The Shoulder

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

February 19, 2013

Natalie and Karen discuss episodes 2×03 and 2×04 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers.

Featured Song: Donora – “Boom Boom,” featured in “Ice Pick”

Note: We drop kind of a major spoiler in this episode – aka the identity of the Kanima – so if you haven’t seen episodes 2×05 and 2×06 yet, come back and listen to this once you have!

Episode 2×03 “Ice Pick”

– Fave quotes.
– The Argents: if their women are the leaders, why is Gerard their current boss?
– Will we ever get a shirtless Stiles? Karen doesn’t think so.
– What was Peter captain of? Is this a throwback to the original movie?
– What do we think of Erica? What do we think of Boyd? To summarize: we would not make fun of Erica for having epilepsy and we would totally sit with Boyd at lunch.
– Derek: is at the utter height of arrogant doucheyness in this episode.
– Is Lydia really oblivious to Stiles’ affections, or was she deflecting? If Stiles organised a private ice skating date for us, well… we would be all over that.
– Is Scott’s heroism bravery or stupidity? Maybe a little bit of both.

Episode 2×04 “Abomination”

– Fave quotes.
– How many different things are in the bestiary?
– We ponder the difference between Scott and Stiles, and how Stiles sees the whole picture (while Scott pretty much just sees Allison).
– Yes, it’s that episode. Stiles, Derek, the pool.
– Damn you, Matt. Stop being so charismatic. We know we have to hate you soon.
– Did Gerard purposefully drop the cookbook in front of Allison? Just how manipulative is he?
– Some morality-based questions: would you support your family no matter what? Is Derek also being an ‘abusive parent’ to Isaac?
– How does Gerard justify the threat against Scott’s mom?

– There will be a gay sex scene in season 3, involving Danny. Yay for Danny having enough plot to get a sex scene!
– Lydia will be explaining Jackson’s absence. Helpful exposition!
– We wonder if Victoria could be returning to season 3.
– We get a look at Derek’s new apartment and run with some wild theories about his new romantic pursuits.
– We also learn that a young Derek will be cast – will that be weird, given that the world is very familiar with young teen Hoechlin?

Listener Feedback:
– What happened to the principal after the Argents tortured him?

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