Episode #28 – Nerd Camp‏

Hosted by Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence, and Selina Wilken

May 9, 2013

Join hosts Jess, Patricia, and Selina as they continue their rewatch of Merlin! This week they discuss episode 11 from season 1, ‘The Labyrinth of Gedref.’

show notes:
– Gandalf the Grey makes an appearance in the woods.
– The girls discuss how Merlin being dubbed a children’s show affects what the show can do.
– Uther and Arthur continue to stubbornly deny that magic is behind the things happening.
– Is Merlin really Arthur’s story, but told through Merlin’s eyes?
– The hosts learn not to annoy Selina!
– Merlin and Gaius eat beetle… gummy bears?
– Uther is a jerk. What else is new?
– Arthur competes in the third task of the Triwizard Cup.
– Arthur and Merlin = Frodo and Sam
The Merlin finale in GIFs

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