Hype Podcast

Special #19: Discussing ‘Stranger Things’ season 1

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Kristen Kranz, Karen Rought, Michal Schick

September 30, 2016

If you’re just as obsessed with Netflix’s runaway hit, Stranger Things as we are, then you’re definitely going to want to check out our latest Hype Podcast Special!

Join Pam, Kristen, and our special guests as we dive deep into season 1 of Stranger Things and make a few predictions as to what we’re hoping to see in season 2!

– Pam and Kristen welcome Hypable staffers Karen and Michal to the show!
– We kick things off with a soft open where each of the hosts discuss how we got into the show
– So many viewers loved the 80s nostalgia factor peppered within the series, but did we get similarly carried away with the pop culture nostalgia?
– Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven take center stage as we talk about why we think this particular friendship dynamic works
– Nancy, Steve and Jonathan are up next as the hosts talk about the series’ resident love triangle. Do we think Steve redeemed himself? Should Nancy have ended up with Jonathan?
– No Stranger Things special would be complete without a mini discussion on Barb. The hosts talk about Nancy’s bestie and take a look at why the fandom has become so taken with her.
– The kids aren’t the only ones on the case when Will goes missing. Stranger Things also introduced us to some pretty interesting adults, including Joyce and Hopper
– Before wrapping up our season one discussion, we take a moment to dive deep into the Upside Down and try to wrap our brains around the Demigorgon. Do we think there’s more monsters living down there? Could Will perhaps be breeding one? Have we truly seen the last of the Upside down?
– We cap off our main discussion by doing a rapid fire round of favorite characters and favorite moments in the series.
– As always, we wrap up the show by reading out YOUR listener feedback!

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