Episode #20 – Morning Wakeup

Hosted by Jessica Chapman, Mitchel Clow, and Andrea Salazar

November 2, 2012

New cast members! A season 2 premiere date! And a new podcast host! Oh my! Tune in to the long overdue hiatus episode of Smash Chat to hear what all of the hubbub is about!

-We start off by welcoming new podcast host Andrea Salazar, a Smash and music news writer for Hypable!

-The news section of this episode covers many exciting topics, such as the new season 2 casting, the season 2 premiere date (starting Feburary 5th, Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST), and a new musical for the new season!

-Mitch rants about his distaste for the original Mimi from RENT being on season 2.

-We reflect on how all of the casting news and change of airing night will help or hinder season 2’s ratings.

-Andrea points out that Smash will air for an entire month before The Voice starts again, along with season 2’s larger episode count.

-We close out the show with a promise to come back with another hiatus episode before Feburary’s premiere, and to be more active on our Twitter @smash_chat.