Episode #11 – Prom Before Sunset

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Sarah Maloy, Jen Lamoreaux

May 8, 2012

Secret Diaries Chat is back for another week to discuss the penultimate episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, “Before Sunset” and “Prom.”

This week’s panel consists of Selina, Laura, Jen and Sarah.

The Secret Circle discussion starts at 26:00, and the Listener Feedback section starts at 57:00.

In the Vampire Diaries discussion, we talk about episode 21, “Before Sunset”:
– Is Elena in transition? Is she affected by the spell cast on Klaus? What is going on?!
– We mourn good ol’ Ric and discuss the new Evil Alaric. There’s really no way to turn the audience against him, right? Wrong.
– We discuss the plan to dump Klaus in the Atlantic.
– Who should Elena choose? We continue the evergreen discussion of Stefan vs. Damon vs. every other boy in the world, including Matt.
– We think there will definitely be consequences to stopping Jeremy’s heart.
– Caroline was incredibly cold to Klaus… and Sarah is still hardcore shipping that pair.

In the Secret Circle episode this week, we flashed back to the past and learned some shocking realities. In the “Prom” discussion:
– The last circle was ALL pregnant in high school? That’s crazy. (And pretty confusing… how does it even make sense?)
– Charles was so awkward this week, especially when it came to Diana and prom.
– Laura loved watching John torture Charles… but we all wonder how he knew exactly what happened to Amelia.
– We discuss who could die in the finale episode: Charles? Ethan? A member of the current circle? A few of us argue Charles, Sarah thinks it could be multiple people.
– Cassie is living alone… where is social services? Oh yeah, this is the CW.
– We’re glad to see Melissa as more than Faye’s sidekick.
– It would be great to see Melissa and Adam just be close friends… that never happens on TV!
– And finally, the question on all of our minds, will The Secret Circle be renewed for a second season? Laura offers some great perspective on the fate of the show!

Listener Feedback:
– One listener, Emily, is pretty sick of both Elena and Cassie! We discuss the merits of well-developed side characters and Emily’s reasonings for disliking the leading ladies.
– More listeners discuss the developments with Alaric.
– A listener discusses Dawn’s motives and we contemplate just what ulterior motives she’s working on. She also discusses Diana and Charles, the size of the previous circle, and Faye’s kidnapping — did John let her get taken on purpose?
– Nick’s disappearance and then return was pointless. We hope he’s gone for good.

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