Episode #12 – Departing Family

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Bryne-Cristiano, Jen Lamoureux, Sonya Faria.

May 21, 2012

This is our season finale discussion for The Vampire Diaries, and unfortunately the series finale for The Secret Circle. In this show we cover a lot of what happened in both finales and what we think will happen next.

The Secret Circle discussion starts at 35:00, and the Listener Feedback section starts at 1.08:00.

For The Vampire Diaries we discuss:

– Alaric’s good-bye, again
– Bonnie putting Klaus’ soul intoTyler’s body, what does it mean for Caroline
– Elena’s non choice of Stefan, Damon’s real role in her life
– Bonnie’s choice to save Klaus
– The flashbacks and what point they served
– Who will be the new big bad
– Elena’s Transition and what it means for the future, is there a loop hole?
– Predictions for season 4

In The Secret Circle section we discuss:

– Who has grown the most over the season
– When did we realize John Blackwell was truly evil
– Charles’ future
– The other Balcoin children
– What we would have hoped for next season
– The future of the series right now (petitions etc)

Listener Feedback:

– Concerns about Elena transitioning early
– Alaric’s final departure
– Angry caps of rage at the CW for canceling TSC
– How ratings are actually tracked for shows and the effects of that

We conclude the show with what will happen with the podcast now that The Secret Circle is no longer and discuss another option for a podcast that we’ve been thinking about!