ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 3, episode 11 “Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves” and season 3, episode 12 “There’s Got to be a Morning After Pill.”

Veronica Mars season 3, episode 11 “Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves”

-Marama is sad about the dean.
-Mitch channels his inner Ariana.
-Were we glad Max returned?
-How did we feel about the hooker plot line?
-Veronica didn’t play it very smart with the judge.
-Does Max really have that much money?
-Did we feel bad about Wendy in the end?
-Is it getting harder to sympathize with Veronica’s actions and assumptions?
-Marama gets distracted by clothes.
-Does Logan have a point about Veronica?
-We have no love for Madison.
-We’re glad someone recognized Keith.
-We like Weevil.
-Do we suspect the Dean’s wife in his murder?
-How do we feel about Landry?
-What did this episode teach us?
-Seriously, though. How is Lamb still employed?

Veronica Mars season 3, episode 12 “There’s Got to be a Morning After Pill”

-Is Mindy O’Dell foxy?
-Ariana leaves us a message.
-Do we like the portrayal of feminism on the show?
-What about the roles the women are getting on the show?
-We’ve definitely noticed the side characters getting sidelined.
-Were we surprised the roommate was the culprit?
-Was it worse that a girl ended up being the one to slip the pill?
-The female relationships on this show leave little to be desired.
-Are we glad the ex-husband came back?
-Does Mindy O’Dell really have a motive?
-New strategy: Defend the dead characters.
-Danielle pulls out a killer transition.
-Did Veronica overreact about the Madison thing?
-Why is there so much romance drama?
-Was the drunk phone call/deletion of the message a cliché?
-Should Weevil be more upset with Logan or Veronica?
-How do we feel about Weevil getting back in the game?
-Have we complained enough? We think we have.


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