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Episode #41 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 3×05, 3×06 – Upstairs Brain

Hosted by Marama, Karen, Gabrielle, and Caitlin

January 19, 2014

ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 3, episode 5 “President Evil” and season 3, episode 6 “Hi, Infidelity.”

Veronica Mars season 3, episode 5 “President Evil”

-Our usual host can’t make it, so we’ve found a wholly un-American one to replace her.
-Marama rounds up her feelings about season 3 so far.
-Are we happy Weevil is back?
-Why, hello there Dianna Agron.
-What do we think about the rape storyline so far?
-Is it a big deal to have Logan help her with the rape case?
-How do we feel about Mercer?
-Was it realistic that Keith got duped?
-So, mechanical engineering?
-Are we invested in Wallace for season 3?
-Marama doesn’t get American things.
-We have a lot of thoughts about Sheriff Lamb.

Veronica Mars season 3, episode 6 “Hi, Infidelity”

-Should Piz be in more episodes?
-Okay, we’re going there: Piz versus Logan
-Size 6 shoes, seriously?
-What did we think of Jeff Ratner?
-Why is the T.A. so weird??
-Is Professor Landry a creeper?
-Caitlin and Karen are ruined for life.
-Are there any good adult role models on this show?
-Should Wallace actually be in mechanical engineering?
-What about the athletics Wallace is involved in?
-Is Logan still a bad guy?
-What’s Mercer’s alibi?
-Why hasn’t Mac been around?
-Did Veronica do the right thing in terms of Nish, Claire, and the paper?

-If you’re not a newbie (or don’t mind getting spoiled), stick around after we sign off to hear Danielle and Gabrielle discuss the trailer and poster for the Veronica Mars movie!


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