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Episode #286: ‘Sense8’ 2×04 — We’re All About the Sun and Mun

Hosted by Mitch, Nasim, Kristen, and Natalie

October 24, 2018

Join the ReWatchable hosts as they continue their re-watch with Sense8 season 2, episode 4, “Polyphony.”

Superfans: Mitch and Nasim
Newbies: Natalie and Kristen

Fun Facts:

Nasim just spent a week vegging out and watching shows, which is basically the dream. Kristen is having a good day because her Lions won. Natalie is staring into a black abyss, but is also becoming a bear weirdo, so that’s fun. Mitch has a two part woodland creature fun fact in honor of Natalie’s love for them.

Sense8 season 2, episode 4, “Polyphony”
– Synopsis
– Will doesn’t have a whole lot to do, but he does escape the museum, so YAY!
– The infamous Lito crying gif scene has arrived and we love him.
– Natalie wonders how the Wachowskis went about building this particular cluster. Did they start with the jobs or the character-types or what?
– Sun & Mun have a knock down drag out when he discovers her hiding place.
– Was Mun the guy Sun lost her virginity to in that flashback we saw in “Happy Fucking New Year”? We discuss.
– Nasim really appreciates the K-drama aspect of this storyline.
– Felix is happy to partake in all the benefits of using the club, as he hasn’t experienced this type of power before.
– Wolfgang is a lot more jaded due to his life experience.
– Lila has definitely made some sort of deal with the BPO to help them track down other sensates.
– Kala and Wolfgang have a moment and we learn that maybe Kala doesn’t want to be such a good girl all the time.
– Kala and her mother-in-law go to temple which brings us to the montage of protests, uprisings, and car chases.
– Capheus saves a baby at the water riot, and then goes on TV and says some incredibly moving, relatable things.
– Riley meets a new sensate named Puck who is going to make more blocker pills.
– Kala gets to use all her incredible chemistry knowledge.
– Mitch is grateful that the show questioned the science for him.
– Raoul was zombified, which is why he disappeared and his father never heard back from him.
– This sequence was packed with so much information we all kind of feel like we need to watch again to see all the things we missed.
– Jonas is being lobotomized and Will and Nomi can see it.
– Angelica is confusing the hell out of all of us.
– Favorite Scenes
– A little Nomi talk because we skipped her storyline. Oops.
– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– We got some interesting, varying responses to our, “Would you want to be a part of a cluster (if you had the choice)” poll. Thanks for all your thoughts!

Kristen’s Kontemplations and Fisher’s Forecasts:
Sense8 season 2, episode 5, “Fear Never Fixed Anything”

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