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Episode #284: ‘Sense8’ 2×02 — He May Lose His Soup

Hosted by Mitch, Maj, Kristen, and Caitlin

October 11, 2018

Join the ReWatchable hosts as they continue their re-watch with Sense8 season 2, episode 2, “Who Am I?.”

Superfans: Mitch and Maj
Newbies: Caitlin and Kristen

Fun Facts:
Today is a fun sports day… kinda. Maj is excited because hockey is back. Kristen is still reeling over that Lions win a couple weeks ago. Caitlin is impressed by her Braves, even if they are probably going to be eliminated from the playoffs before this episode goes live.

Sense8 season 2, episode 2, “Who Am I?”
– Synopsis
– Will is seeing some crazy Angelica flashbacks.
– We all see Angelica’s role in all this very differently.
– It’s nice to see Will get to use the skills he’s learned as a cop.
– Does Whispers’ boss know what he means by, “I’m compromised.”
– Riley’s dad makes an appearance and we all cross our fingers that he’ll survive whenever he’s on screen.
– Nomi and Amanita talk to a lot of very smart people about the sensates’ role in evolution.
– We love Bug. Odd, but brilliant.
– Nomi and Amanita visit Sarah Patrell’s mom.
– Sarah’s mom understands the connection the sensates have to her daughter, and to Will.
– Ms. Patrell thought Whispers was a wonderful man… yikes.
– Lito convinces Hernando to attend his latest premiere.
– That reporter was a wench.
– Capheas meets a reporter who wants to get to know him.
– We aren’t all shipping it… but we want him to have a new friend.
– Wolfgang is the KING IN THE NORTH so Felix gets a club.
– Sun is a total badass again, but gets out of solitary and paints with her friends.
– Kala shows her family her new place and we learn that Rajan’s father, Manendra, is running for office. Dun, dun, DUN!
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– We got a new 5-star review!!
– Take that, Whispers!
– Yeah, “Happy Fucking New Year” was kinda long… oops.
– We like the original Caphaeus too.
– Enjoy #readingthecomics!

Kristen’s Kontemplations and Caitlin’s Conjectures:
Sense8 season 2, episode 3, “Obligate Mutualisms”

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