Join ReWatchable as we continue our journey through Sense8 season 1 with episode 9, “Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye.”

Superfans: Karen and Maj
Newbies: Natalie and Kristen

Fun Facts:

Natalie doesn’t have a Captain America fun fact for you today, sorry. Maj is watching Wynonna Earp and is having a lot of feelings. Kristen was happily surprised yesterday to discover that she hadn’t seen the latest season of The Great British Baking Show. Karen made banana bread, AKA the only banana flavored thing that she will ever eat.

Sense8 season 1, episode 9, “Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye”:
– Synopsis
– We definitely didn’t think Rajan’s father, Manendra, survived that attack.
– How did a very religious woman find herself with such an anti-religious man?
– While Kala is visiting Rajan’s father, Wolfgang is sitting by Felix’s beside.
– Sergei comes in and delivers a not-so-veiled threat.
– Lito, Lito, Lito. When he cries, the world cries.
– Did Lito know that gun was really a lighter?
– Hernando is very much the reason that Lito keeps everything together. He is so very lost.
– Flashback to Lito and Hernando’s first date.
– Nomi and Lito don’t necessarily have a lot in common, but this scene is really beautiful.
– Lito has just accepted that people visit him in his head, lol.
– Nomi tells Lito about how she became the woman she is, and there’s so much he can learn from her.
– Amanita reunites with Nomi and everything seems better.
– Will continues to explain the mechanics of how the Sensates connection works, but our newbie is happy that we’re still getting some inside knowledge.
– Will provides us with some Whispers backstory involving Sara Patrell. *shudders*
– All Sensates in a cluster take their first breath together. How fucking cool is that?!
– Sun’s father visits and he’s feeling rather guilty about letting Sun take the fall.
– We sink into talking about Peter Kavinsky for a sec because EVERYTHING is better with Peter Kavinsky!
– Riley shares the information about her dead husband and how guilty she feels about her grief and his death.
– Yrsa and Jonas have very different mentoring styles.
– Romance in a cluster per Yrsa: “Love inside a cluster is pathological.”
– Riley connects with Capheus over losing her family and its a lovely bonding moment for them.
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– We love that someone got our Cell Block Tango reference.
– Asking anyone to choose a favorite character in Sense8 is just unfair.
– Bug, Amanita, and Dani are all great characters.
– Congratulations, Laura!

Kristen’s Kontemplations and Fisher’s Forecasts:
Sense8 season 1, episode 10, “What is Human?”

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