Join ReWatchable as we continue our journey into Sense8 1×05 “Art Is Like Religion”!

Superfans: Mitch and Maj
Newbies: Ariana and Caitlin

Fun Facts: Maj is loving having some rain. Caitlin had a really cute moment with a tiny Captain America fan from China through her work. Ariana is very hot because of the weather. Mitch is sleep deprived because he flew in from NY and boy are his arms tired.

Sense8 season 1, episode 5, “Art Is Like Religion”:
– Synopsis
– The title drop, significant or just a nice quote?
– Sharing period pains is an unfortunate side effect
– Capheus is a cinnamon roll that must be protected at all cost
– Are we shipping anyone yet?
– Caitlin still isn’t feeling Wolfgang
– Is Lito being real at home or putting up an act?
– Nomi’s mom is still the worst and makes us mad
– Fortunately Capheus makes us all very happy, even when we worry about him
– Backstory Unlocked: Mama Capheus is a badass
– Do we think Capheus gave Sun good advice?
– Dog people vs. Cat people
– Mitch is dialed in to Sun while Caitlin can’t quite connect
– How about getting a second opinion, Amanita?
– Would you go home if you knew your place was being watched?
– Okay, but what about Jonas
– Maj throws down the gauntlet on Wolfgang being interesting, Caitlin takes up the challenge
– Ariana has thoughts about the language situation on this show.
– Why not subtitles?
– Newbies aren’t loving the pace
– A cinnamon roll challenger appears: Kala’s dad is the sweetest
– Why can’t Kala quit Rajan?
– Is being naked in indoor pools actually a thing
– We discuss our thoughts on the dong and nudity in general
– …and why exactly was Lito’s big fight scene included?
– Sun and Kala connect during the wedding, but why
– Flameo, hotman.
– Favorite Scenes
– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– There’s so many people to keep track of
– Some #Zutura week appreciation

Ariana’s Answers and Caitlin’s Conjectures:
Sense8 season 1, episode 6, “Demons”

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