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Episode #274: ‘Sense8’ 1×04 — Sorry About Your Country

Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Kristen, and Natalie

July 31, 2018

Join ReWatchable as we continue our journey into Sense8 1×04 “What’s Going On?”

Superfans: Danielle and Karen
Newbies: Kristen and Natalie

Fun Facts:
Kristen is getting ready to say goodbye to Originals this week and Karen started watching Wynonna Earp. Weirdly enough, Natalie’s fun fact has to do with both of these shows and how much she hates them! Danielle has been practicing for THREE DAYS to do this intro.

Sense8 season 1, episode 4, “What’s Going On?”
-Here’s Mitch’s synopsis:

In this episode,

Twenty-five years and Sun’s life is still
Trying to get her brother to swallow a hard pill,
For some retribution

Will realized quickly when before him stood
A Nomi that needed some saving, and he could,
So they, broke out of the institution

And so Riley cries sometimes
When she’s on the rooftop, just to get it all out,
What’s in her head,
And ipod nano touches, are a little peculiar

And so Kala wakes in the morning
And she steps outside,
And she takes a deep breath, and she gets real high
From the smoke in Wolfgang’s lungs
What’s going on?

And Neets tries, oh my god does she try
To break her Nomi out, of this institution

And Lito prays, oh my god does he pray,
He prays every single day
For a end to this threesome,

And they sang “heyyyyyy heyyyyyy heyy heyhey,
heyyyyyy heyyyyy hey.”
They sang “hey,
what’s going on?”

Twenty-five years and Capheus is still,
Trying to get his poor sick mother some hope,
For some restitution…

-Natalie hasn’t been on yet — what does she think so far?
-We talk about our faves.
-First up is Sun, who’s not doin’ great right now.
-Do we feel bad for Joon-Ki?
-Should Sun take her brother’s place? (If your answer is anything other than no, you’re wrong.)
-How does Natalie feel about the Australian portrayal?
-Why doesn’t Riley just go home?
-Can you figure out how we connect this episode to 101 Dalmatians?
-Natalie knows more about Wolfgang than the superfans!
-We love Felix.
-We go OFF BOOK and talk about Will next.
-Did Jonas’ answers help at all or just make things more confusing?
-Rajan’s dad SUCKS.
-And Rajan is pretty great but why doesn’t Kala love him?
-What is the deal with Lito and the Reluctant Threesome?
-We make a Buffy reference!
-This situation is…complicated. But it’s cute.
-Capheus is doing pretty well for himself after the last episode.
-But that goes downhill very quickly.
-There’s too much crime for Natalie.
-It feels like Capheus getting marched off the bus is not a rare experience in Nairobi.
-Silas is a scary motherfucker.
-Nomi is in a bad spot, you guys.
-What’s up with that nurse, though.
-Everything is terrible.
-The “What’s Up?” sequence is a pretty big deal.
-Is it fluff or is it deeply significant? OR IS IT BOTH?
-Wolfgang and Kala have a moment.
-Is it incest or masturbation?
-Where was that mysterious rooftop located?
-We talk about convenience vs. synchronicity.
-Danielle’s Sense8 playlist is kind of…short.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Newbies are finding it so difficult not to binge.
-Everyone loves Lito, Hernando, and Daniela.
-An old listener is back again!
-You should check out the Bedlam Bards!

Kristen’s Kontemplations/Fisher’s Forecasts:
Sense8 season 1, episode 5, “Art Is Like a Religion”

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