Join ReWatchable as we discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7×17, “Lies My Parents Told Me,” and Angel 4×15, “Orpheus” on our 250th episode!

Superfans: Karen and Natalie
Newbies: Danielle?? and Mitch

Fun Facts:
Danielle’s Angel superfan mom has been low-key spoiling her about Angel lately, Natalie bought a ton of really awesome vintage swimsuits that makes her look like a girl in a ’50s advertisement, Mitch is watching American Horror Story (the Roanoke season) and misses Jessica Lange, and Karen is celebrating the fact that ReWatchable has just reached its 250th episode milestone! (Yay us!)

Buffy Season 7, Episode 17, “Lies My Parents Told Me”
-Natalie LOVES this episode, and so she’s pretty happy to be here rn.
-These episodes originally aired out of order because of current events (even though they were produced in the right order).
-Spike’s mom is more relevant to Buffy and her relationship with Spike than is explicitly stated, and it’s weird.
-This episode is “another rock on the pile” in showing just how different Spike is to other vampires. And apparently he was always different from the very beginning.
-Crack Theory: Spike’s vampire demon was actually a person who was sent to the Bad Place who didn’t actually belong in the Bad Place so that’s why he’s different and more sensitive.
-Was Nikki in the wrong for saying/believing that the mission is the only thing that matters (putting that above her child)?
-Natalie gives the canonical (and non-spoilery) backstory for Nikki.
-Is Buffy a terrible person for now saying that she’d let Dawn die now if it meant saving the world?
-Giles is a pod person and Danielle is not accepting any other explanation.
-Will Wood and Spike face off again? Where will Wood go from here?
-Fun fact: Spike/William was going to call Jack the Ripper to take care of his mom.
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite lines

Angel Season 4, Episode 15, “Orpheus”
-Faith injecting herself: Clever or too convenient? (Or too confusing?)
-The Faith and Angelus show is hilarious
-Willow and Fred have a bit of chemistry, but Willow makes it SO weird.
-So, the Angel writers totalllllllly wrote Willow like she was high.
-Allyson and Alex were engaged during this crossover, which makes sense because their chemistry was off the charts (especially in comparison to how little they’ve interacted on the show[s]).
-Cordelia and Willow’s little catching up scene mirrors when Rat Amy and Buffy catch up once Rat Amy isn’t a rat.
-Willow kicks things into high gear without losing control, which is really comforting.
-That big scary floating face? Not so scary.
-Dear Faith, your heroes aren’t perfect. You don’t have to be either.
-Natalie wants a supercut of all of the flashbacks that have ever happened on Buffy and Angel. Like a legit movie.
-Does Angel have to fight for his right to party (and to have his soul put back)?
-Mitch wishes that Angelus had killed Fred.
-Cordelia’s storyline is the worst. Do we have to talk about it?
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite lines

Listener Feedback:
-So, is Wesley’s dad dead? Because if he is, BOO ON YOU GILES.
-We all missed the Mutant Enemy vampire singing over the Buffy(?) credits and are sad about it.
-We got one of the sweetest iTunes reviews of all time and it makes the hosts so happy.

Mitch’s Musings/Danielle’s Deliberations
Angel season 4, episode 16, “Players”
Angel season 4, episode 17, “Inside Out”

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