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Episode #25 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 1×17, 1×18: Papa Bear

Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Gabrielle, and Ariana

September 30, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×17 “Kanes and Abel’s” and 1×18 “Weapons of Class Destruction.”

Episode 1×17, “Kanes and Abel’s”

-Did we like these episodes better than the last two?
-Another DCOM reference!?
-Was it wrong for Veronica not to tell Amelia about her father’s condition?
-Why did Amelia run away?
-Ariana has something to say about Amelia’s school.
-Were Kaz and Sabrina a weird couple?
-Whose side were we on, Hamilton’s father or Sabrina’s mother?
-Was Hamilton’s reaction genuine?
-What does Veronica Mars say about class distinctions?
-Why did Veronica rip up Logan’s check?
-We think Duncan is A LOT more interesting now.
-We actually have a lot of love for Vinnie Van Lowe.
-How does Veronica manage to fit in all her studying between stalking people?

Episode 1×18, “Weapons of Class Destruction”

-We really loved this episode. Big surprise.
-Is the journalism class like Defense Against the Dark Arts?
-Are we yay or nay about Veronica’s dad and Wallace’s mom?
-Should Veronica have told Wallace about her mom being in rehab?
-What do we think about Duncan, post-explosion?
-Why did Veronica mention how a person could drop off the face of the planet?
-Does this make Duncan guilty?
-Did we like Norris? Will he be back?
-Is it realistic that so many guys were into Veronica during this episode?
-Was Veronica right to publish those stories?
-JTT was everyone’s ‘90s crush, but there were some deal-breakers in this episode.
-And then we get to Logan. And it hurts Karen so bad.
-Why did Logan rescue Veronica?
-What did we think about the kiss?
-We kind of talk about Logan a lot. Like, a lot.
-Ariana shares her dream.
-We don’t condone violence, but…
-Okay, important question: Veronica and Leo or Veronica and Logan?
-How do we feel about Veronica cheating on Leo? Does it count as cheating?
-Oh, hey. We talk about some Logan some more.
-Is it weird Veronica just kissed her dead best friend’s old boyfriend?
-We look ahead — is this show going to crush the newbies?
-Ariana admits her love for Simba.
-Karen channels her inner Captain America.
-This episode really excited us. Don’t judge.
-Danielle makes a confession.
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