Join ReWatchable as we discuss Angel 4×08, “Habeas Corpses,” and Buffy 7×12, “Potential.”

Superfans: Karen and Caitlin
Newbies: Brittany and Kristen

Fun Facts:
Caitlin discovered a holiday gem on Hulu that is literally just a half hour of puppies destroying a Christmas display. Kristen is making a fort out of the boxes Karen has had delivered and has some great reads lined up for her time off. Brittany doesn’t know what to do with all of her free time so she is editing ReWatchable. Karen found some Christmas joy, but still hates bananas.

Angel 4×08 “Habeas Corpses:”
-Where did we leave off… oh… right.
-Team Angel all the way
-Everything is gross, but at least Gunn has Fred
-Can Wes truly love Fred that much?
-In the least shocking news of the century – Brittany likes brooding Wes
-“I don’t know how to feel”
-There are a lot of conflicting feelings when it comes to Lilah
-Poor Gavin
-DB can get it in a blazer fighting zombies
-Lorne is ready to hold down the fort
-Angel needs to read a room
-Boys, please. “Yo, you two, done.”
-Can Connor not be Connor?
-Happy Angel can never last that long
-“Get out of my house” – YESSSSSS
“I don’t even think Cordelia likes this storyline”
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Buffy 7×12 “Potential:”
Buffy is making the superfans emotional
-But also the newbies are loving it
-This a safe-space for Xander love
-Spike feels… right?
-Everyone is feeling Spike and Buffy (well, maybe not Caitlin)
-The First is the master procrastinator
-Millie! AKA Amanda!
-Don’t be mean to someone! Please!
-Who is this new Spike?
-Xander is not about Andrew’s fandoms
-Dawn as the potential slayer – did we think it was going to happen?
-Keeping Dawn as Dawn is a good choice
-And she can handle herself! Yay Dawn!
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Was there life before Buffy?
-So many bad fashion choices, so little time for potential slayers!

Brittany’s Brainstorms/Kristen’s Kontemplations:
Angel season 4, episode 9, “Long Day’s Journey”
Angel season 4, episode 10, “Awakening”

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