Join ReWatchable as we discuss Buffy 7×06, “Him,” and Angel 4×06, “Spin the Bottle.”

Superfans: Caitlin and Maj
Newbies: Mitch and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Mitch has an electric blanket and we are now concerned for his safety. Maj got a haircut for the second time in four years! Brittany recaps her going out process from freshman year until last night. Caitlin put up her Christmas tree!

Buffy season 7, episode 6, “Him”:
-Have we done this before?
-This episode has not aged well in our current cultural climate
-When did we catch on that this was a supernatural spell?
-We have to move Rat Amy to Angel
-Dawn is so embarrassing
-Who thought this episode was a good idea? A man…
-There a few familiar faces
-How could Drew Z. Greenberg betray us with this episode. AFTER RAT AMY!
-The silver lining is still a bit… gray
-Spike and Xander are rooming together! Again!
-Burn, jacket, burn!
-Anya is back on the team.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 4, episode 6, “Spin the Bottle”:
-This episode needed to extend filming time because the cast could not stop laughing
-Rewatch for DB laughing in the background
-This was “born out the desire to see the old Wesley”
-The old gang is BACK, and we miss them so much
-Lazy writing spell
-Framing device — love it or leave it?
-Is something coming in Angel?
-What is the price for the magic (Connor, portals, dragon things)?
-Brittany feels better about watching Angelus, but worse about watching Buffy and Angel
-No Irish accent is better than DB trying
-Liam realizing he is the vampire sends him directly to violence
-“I feel cold”
-Just a reminder that this takes place right on the heels of last week’s episode
-“Hello salty goodness”
-Cordelia has come so far *tear*
Angel season 5 should be called Angelus
-Connor looks better with no hair
-It’s not a relationship if someone isn’t devastated
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Fred’s storyline has quite a few problems
-Does anyone like Fred and Wes as a couple?

Mitch’s Musings/Brittany’s Brainstorms:
Buffy season 7, episode 7, “Conversations With Dead People”
Angel season 4, episode 7, “Apocalypse, Nowish”

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