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Episode #24 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 1×15, 1×16: Date ALL the Boys

Hosted by Danielle, Ariana, Caitlin, and Karen

September 22, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×15 “Ruskie Business” and 1×16 “Betty and Veronica.”

Episode 1×15, “Ruskie Business”

-Were we invested in the Russian woman’s case?
-Veronica has mad skills.
-Karen’s mind is blown.
-Does Veronica take advantage of Wallace?
-How do we feel about Leo?
-The New Girl reference goes right over Caitlin’s head.
-Ariana nearly offended everyone on the podcast. But, no, no, she didn’t mean it!
-Why is Duncan into Meg? And how did he know what dress she was going to wear?
-Why in the world did Veronica leave Meg at the 09er party?
-Did anyone think Logan’s mom was still alive?
-Can Alyson Hannigan pull off a snarky character like this?
-How will Logan’s mother’s death affect him?
-Danielle sings “Wang Chung.”

Episode 1×16, “Betty and Veronica”

Saved By the Bell references!
-Did we guess who was making the cookies for Wallace?
-How much did we love Betty?
-Did we like the parrot plot more than the Russian plot?
-Does Veronica have a right to be mad at Meg?
-Were we disappointed when we finally met Veronica’s mother?
-Do we know why Veronica’s mom is getting blackmailed?
-Is Celeste the only sane one here?
-Did Veronica make the right choice to send her mother to rehab?
-Always watch out for the nurses.
-Can Veronica have a happy family again?
-Marama wins all the awards, btw.
-Is the problem between Veronica and Wallace the fact that there’s too much sexual tension?
-Maybe that’s everyone’s problem.
-Why is Weevil so willing to help Veronica all the time?
-Are you pro ‘fro?


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