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Episode #23 – ‘Veronica Mars’ 1×13, 1×14: Edward Cullen

Hosted by Danielle, Mitchel, Ariana, and Gabrielle

September 15, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×13 “Lord of the Bling” and 1×15 “Mars v. Mars.”

-Ariana is back! The time she’s been gone went by fast, but we missed her! She teases us about her dreams that she’s had about the show.

Episode 1×13, “Lord of the Bling”

-Lilly has a “get in, loser, we’re going shopping” moment.

-Can we forgive Yolanda?

-We love Dick (the character).

-The Bone daughter storyline was pretty cheesy and unfitting with the rest of the episode.

-The Yolanda storyline was only there to set up Lilly’s pre-death relationships.

-Logan and Aaron’s relationship during the funeral was really sad. Logan didn’t choose this celebrity life!

-Do we think that Lynne is dead?

-Mitch makes a Twilight and Final Destination reference.

-Stick to the status quo!

Episode 1×14, “Mars v. Mars”

-There were Parks and Rec. and Gossip Girl cameos in this episode!

The sloth video.

-Mr. Rooks “had it comin’. He only had himself to blame.”

-Mitch notices that the journalism teacher isn’t in the recent episodes, to which the super fans give a nice explanation.

-Was Veronica too quick to judge Carrie?

-Veronica has cahones for confronting Carrie in the bathroom flashback.

-The spy v. spy theme wasn’t too prominent.

-Why didn’t the best friend tell on the teacher?

-Where do we see Leo and Veronica going?

-Veronica should’ve known better than to show Logan the video of his mother supposedly jumping.

-Logan and Veronica are Arnold and Helga from Hey, Arnold!

-Ariana TOTALLY comes up with Lilly’s murderer…

-It was a little bit too convenient that Able and Duncan both went to the same exact doctor.

-How did Veronica get the blue ink off of her face so quickly?

-Veronica went from 0 to 60 really fast when it came to P.I. business.


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