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Episode #15 – ‘Firefly’ – ‘Serenity’

Hosted by Laura, Selina, Caitlin, Karen, Kristen, and Kyle

July 7, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss Serenity, the followup movie to Firefly.


-We’re all a little sleep deprived. Enjoy.
-Reaction from the newbies.
-Selina tells us how she was spoiled about a certain character’s death.
-Caitlin has an issue regarding Simon and Mal’s relationship.
-No, but really. WHO’S BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE? Karen was in agony.
-What did we think about the Operative?
-We loved the Reavers being back, but what’s up with the magic caulking gun?
-River’s fight scene was beautiful.
Firefly has traditional Western parallels right until the last.
-Why did Simon and River have to leave the ship if they were just going to get right back on it again?
-Does River’s escape from the Alliance really match up to what we know about it according to the show?
-What do you mean this isn’t Simon Cast?
-Mr. Universe. Worst name ever?
-Also, a love bot? Really?
-We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with Hairspray!
-Was the mystery of Book just a little too confusing? And why didn’t we get any answers about him!?
-We got a Simon and Kaylee payoff, but what about Mal and Inara?
-Was the move with the Reavers surprising or obvious?
-We don’t want to, but we have to. Next we talk about someone’s death. Yes, that someone.
-Caitlin has a big problem with it. Was it necessary?
-Did we think River was going to make it through the final battle?
-Was the turnaround with the Operative a little too convenient?
-We have several ‘moments’ at the end of the movie. Which one was our favorite?
-Laura tells us why Zoe was wearing that dress and ruins us all.
-Will there be more Firefly in the future?
-Favorite quotes and scenes
-Laura shares some “fun” facts. (Read: soul-crushing)
-We have a giveaway!
-Up next: Veronica Mars

What did you think about Serenity.

Watch out for a new episode of ReWatchable in the near future. We’ll be tackling Veronica Mars next, with a new set of hosts joining a few of the old ones.

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