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Episode #10 – ‘Firefly’ 1×10 ‘War Stories’

Hosted by Laura, Selina, Caitlin, and Kyle

May 19, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss the tenth episode of Firefly, “War Stories.”

Don’t forget that this podcast is spoiler-free, featuring both Firefly fans and newbies. So it’s safe for everyone to listen!


-What did newbie Kyle think of the episode?
-It seems like a very traditional, male-centric action heavy episode – until Zoe comes in as the knight in shining armor. And we kind of love her for it.
-What does this episode offer us, even if it’s not one of our all-time favorites?
-How did we like this different kind of opening to the episode?
-It was nice to see Kaylee and River interacting, finally.
-An unhappy Wash is a mean Wash. We comment on his dislike for Zoe’s war stories.
-Who thinks Mal and Zoe have some sort of chemistry?
-Wash versus Zoe: Who did we side with?
-Was Wash really that incompetent when he was out on the mission, or is that just his defense mechanism?
-Kyle steers the conversation into Teen Wolf territory. (Like we’re surprised.)
-Laura is very annoyed by the blindfold.
-Why was the torture scene so hard to watch?
-Did we think people were going to die in this episode?
-Laura posits a very good question to the team about Zoe and her loyalties had she not been married to Wash.
-What about if it was Wash and someone besides Mal? Who would she save?
-Why do we like Simon?
-Are we more afraid of River now after her shooting abilities are shown?
-What do we think about the change in relationship between Kaylee and River?
-Selina has a random congratulatory announcement for Kyle and Laura.
-Where was Inara this episode? Was it confusing? What was the point of her storyline?
-We discuss our favorite lines and scenes.
-A listener points out an interesting connection that Laura hadn’t noticed and won’t talk about!
-We wonder what would happen if someone tried to cuddle Jayne. (Because he’s really not that bad, y’all.) We also talk about who he would possibly be paired off with, and Selina brings it around to Caroline and Klaus from The Vampire Diaries.
-Selina calls it – the OTP of Firefly is Mal and Serenity. But we don’t want to read any fic about it, guys.

How did you like “War Stories”? Who did you sympathize with more, Zoe or Wash?

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