Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #92: Mortis and Convorees

Hosted by Mikey and Kaitlin

January 21, 2018

Mikey and Kaitlin are back and we dive into the latest trailer for Star Wars Rebels season 4 and all the latest Star Wars news, Mikey also reviews Secrets of the Empire and the new Star Tours.

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  • We just gave away a copy of Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor and we have more to give away, listen to find out more!
  • Mikey re-caps his trip to California and reviews ILMxLabs Secrets of the Empire and the updated for The Last Jedi Star Tours ride
  • Ewan McGregor is happy to return to Star Wars to do a Obi-wan film
  • Han Solo synopsis is revealed and we’re excited all about Lando
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story is doing more re-shoots. Is this good or bad?
  • Rian Johnson and twitter…..its good
  • Mikey and Kaitlin break down and review the new Mid-Season trailer for season 4 of Rebels
  • It all comes to an end after this! Kanan and his new hair.
  • References to Mortis are shown in the trailer!
  • Convorees are also linked to Mortis and make a return
  • The Emperor will be more than just a Hologram! And its voiced my Ian McDiarmid

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