Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #50: Happy 50th and Live

Hosted by Mikey, Donya, Kaitlin, Ben, Evan, Dan-O, and Eric

March 14, 2017

It’s Resistance Radio’s 50th episode! To celebrate the milestone, this episode was a live special featuring our regular hosts and some guests.

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– Michael Kenneth Williams has joined the Han Solo solo movie. How are we feeling about the casting announcement?
– Disney’s shareholders have seen the first footage of The Last Jedi. When are we going to get that trailer?
– We’ve got two Star Wars: Rebels episodes to discuss.
– Episode 17 focused on Kallus and Fulcrum, and Thrawn discovering they were one and the same. Episode 18 tied into Rogue One in an awesome way.
– How stoked are we for “Twin Suns?” It’s the Maul and Obi-Wan showdown we’ve been teased with all season!
– We took questions from listeners — no holds barred.
– Do we think Disney will release an unaltered and restored Original Trilogy?
– If we could have any droid in the Star Wars universe help us around the house, who would it be?
– Would we be a Jedi?
– What of the old EU cannon do we miss most?
– Who’s hotter? Poe, Han, or Luke?
– Who in the SW universe do we think we’re like?
– If we could write Episode VIII, what would it be?
– FMK: Luke, Han, Leia.

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