Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #37: Rise Lord Vader

Hosted by Mikey and Eric

November 28, 2016

Mikey is joined by Eric for the latest Resistance Radio, where the Spotlight turns to Darth Vader and there’s plenty of Rogue One news to tide us over.

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– Donya is a little under the weather, and therefore unable to join in on this episode.
– However, Eric is back!
– is celebrating 20 years of news and features.
– Entertainment Weekly released a few Rogue One covers, as well as 15 new images from the movie.
– Empire Magazine also had some exclusive Rogue One covers — there are six variation to collect.
– Kathleen Kennedy has been musing over the future of Star Wars, once the latest trilogy wraps up.
– We pick up where we left off last week, with a Spotlight on Darth Vader.
– In A New Hope, we first meet Vader when he attempts to torture the location of the Rebel base from Leia.
– Unbeknownst to Vader at this time, Leia is his daughter.
– Using the Death Star, he destroys Leia’s home, Alderaan.
– We also get a final showdown between Vader and Obi-Wan — during which Obi-Wan is killed.
– In Empire, he learns of the existence of Luke, his son, and reveals the truth of Luke’s parentage to him.
– Did Vader express some sentimentality in his attempt to get Luke to join him on the dark side?
– Luke, in Jedi is able to appeal to his father and sway him back to the light.
– Vader, in one final act of heroism, saves Luke and kills the Emperor.
– He’s mortally wounded in the fight, and dies at Luke’s side.

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