Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #33: Ahsoka

Hosted by Mikey and Donya

October 23, 2016

On this week’s Resistance Radio, Donya and Mikey are discussing Rebels 3×05, the newly announced Star Wars toys, and turning their Spotlight on Ahsoka.

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– Alan Tudyk revealed that his (human) cameo in Rogue One has been cut.
– Some more Rogue One posters were revealed, focusing on each character and destroying Donya’s theory.
– A new deleted scene from The Force Awakens has surfaced, featuring Unkar Plutt. We share our thoughts on it.
– The Star Wars Show gave a sneak peek of the upcoming commentary track for The Force Awakens 3D release.
– Donya has some particularly strong feelings about the multiple releases of The Force Awakens.
– There are a whole load of new Star Wars todays coming our way soon — including a droid throwback to A New Hope.
– We discuss the latest Rebels episode, which saw the return of Thrawn and gave Hera some much-needed love.
– On this week’s Spotlight topic, we’re talking all about Ahsoka Tano.
– We chat about her introduction, nickname, and the fan reaction to Anakin having a Padawan.
– Over the course of Clone Wars and Rebels, we saw Ahsoka become a respected commander and leader.
– Donya talks about some of her favorite reveals and additions to Star Wars canon, with as few spoilers as possible for the Ahsoka book.
– Ahsoka returned as Fulcrum in Rebels, but one question remains: Is she alive?

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