Dan-O returns to join Mikey and Donya for the latest Resistance Radio where we talk the latest Episode VIII and Rogue One developments, as well as turn our Spotlight on Wedge Antilles.

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– Heading to Star Wars Celebration? Get the party started with BB-8 teapot set has got you covered.
– Simon Kinberg has discussed a more interconnected Star Wars universe — between animation, comics, novels and movies.
– Rachael has a question about where to get started with Star Wars books. We have some suggestions (old and new.)
– Two out of three of our hosts are excited for this week’s Spotlight — Wedge Antilles.
– Trivia time: Did you know Wedge was played by two different actors?
– Denis Lawson was approached to appear in Force Awakens, but declined. Could he appear in future?
– Is Wedge the only pilot credited with two Death Star kills? How about his skills as an X-Wing pilot in general?
– We look back at Legends and the X-Wing series of books and Wedge’s role in them.
– Wedge has made a few “appearances” in the Star Wars novels — like Aftermath and Bloodlines.
– He has a role in the New Republic as an agent.
– Donya has a sudden (possible) epiphany about Wedge in The Force Awakens and Mikey has a meltdown live on air.

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