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Onceable Podcast

Episode #24 – Evil Lost Boys

Hosted by Jen, Karen, Laura, Jessica

May 13, 2013

The new episode of Onceable, Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, is here! This week Jen, Jess, Laura, and Karen join together to discuss episode 2×22 of the show, “Straight on Through to Morning.”

Show Notes:

  • Rumple trying to hurt Henry and learning of Bae’s death
  • Hook keeping Bae talks of 7 realms
  • Blue Fairy finding the cure and Rumple having reservations about giving to Belle
  • The Lost Boys and Hook
  • Hook and David
  • Regina willing to sacrifice herself
  • Snow and Charming willing to save Regina even if it means they could die
  • Bae and Hook’s relationship
  • Emma and Regina being able to stop the diamond
  • Tamara and Greg take Henry and use a portal!!! They work for Peter Pan!! The Lost Boys have a picture of Henry. Why does Peter Pan want him?
  • Neal washes up where Mulan, Aurora and PRINCE PHILIP
  • Hook, Regina, David, Mary Margret Emma, and Rumple head to Neverland
  • Rumple leaves Belle behind with a spell that will shield Storybrooke, even from him.

What will next season bring? Is Peter Pan evil? Did Wendy Darling start this anti-magic company? What does this person want with Henry? SO many questions and 3 months to

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