NATWP Podcast

Episode #63 – All Your Dead Faves

Hosted by Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought, Brook Wentz, Courtney Guy and Donya Abramo plus BiteCon guests

May 2, 2014

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast recorded a panel in front of a live audience at The Bite Convention in Los Angeles, where we were joined by various Teen Wolf-related guests.

Featured Song: “Holiday from Real” by Jack’s Mannequin

– We got our own BiteCon panel! What the Hale?
– It’s our first podcast in front of a live audience and we’re not really sure what we’re doing.
– More than one person came, though, so we’re calling it a win.
– We’re first joined by our favorite murderesses, Haley Webb and Felisha Terrell!
– It’s the softer side of Kalifer – the ladies tell us about the redemption their characters sought from one another.
– We also hang out with Morgan Evans, creator of Teen Wolf’s “After After Show.” He shares a little about how he started the comedy aftershow for MTV and what they’ve been filming at BiteCon for use for the season 4 episodes!
– Tyler Posey feels the need to contribute from the back of the room.
– BiteCon’s chairperson Lizz Finney joins us to talk about the massive task of putting on a fan-run convention, and what the BiteCon team wanted to achieve for the fandom.
– We grab another MTV pal Matt McDonough, who’s in charge of maintaining Teen Wolf’s relationship with fans, and we hear his thoughts on BiteCon as a fan experience and what he’s learnt about fandom after four years of working with Teen Wolf.
– Interspersed with our special guests, we take questions and chat with other attendees about their experiences at the convention and about us as a show, from the technicality of structuring a show to our modus operandi in being a safe space within the fandom.
– Please forgive the slightly shaky audio quality, also the occasional coughing.

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