NATWP Podcast

Episode #97 – That Was My Idea

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

June 30, 2015

Karen and Natalie discuss the Teen Wolf season 5 premiere with none other than Jeff Davis.

Featured Song: “Howl” by Florence + The Machine

-Say hello to Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis!
-We start off by discussing the season 5 premiere.
-What made him decide to focus on the Dread Doctors for season 5?
-Alyssa maybe lied to us a little when she said Jeff didn’t know being afraid of needles was a thing.
-When can we expect to learn about Lydia’s new abilities?
-Does Eichen House make people go crazy or do crazy people flock to it?
-We discuss Bear Trap Dad and Malia’s identity.
-What was the inspiration behind Kira’s sword belt?
-What was the inspiration for Senior Scribe?
-How important is it to keep Allison’s memory alive?
-Is that Dr. Valack interrogating Lydia?
-Who’s really going to impress us this season?
-What other teasers can you give us for the rest of season 5?
-Let’s go back in time and discuss some old questions we have.
-Is there anything from previous seasons Jeff would like to revisit?
-Did Jeff and Co. always know Derek was going to end up the way he did?
-How much did Mr. Harris *actually* know about what was going on in Beacon Hills?
-Did Peter’s bite actually activate Lydia’s banshee powers?
-Do they plan to end seasons in a certain way just in case the show gets pulled?
-If Jeff could swap shows with anyone else, which show would he pick?

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