NATWP Podcast

Episode #60 – Waylaid By Narnia

Hosted by Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought and Madison Aucoin

March 26, 2014

Karen and Natalie are joined by our competition-winning listener Madison to recap the Teen Wolf season 3 finale, “The Divine Move.”

Featured Song: “Bad Moon Rising” by Mourning Ritual

– We introduce the winner of our guest listener competition, Madison Aucoin! Her entry was Choice #1 on the anonymous voting form.
– Madison can be reached on Tumblr and Twitter. She also runs the I’m Derek Hale And My Family Is Dead blog.
– Madison may be overestimating our general competence and esteem, but we are glad to have her!
– In our quotes section, we talk about Chris’s compartmentalization, the Sheriff’s giant gun, and the Danny situation.
– We feel it’s best to get our glee and joy about Danny’s reveal out of the way early on. Some of us had exuberant physical reactions.
– Stiles with the Yukimura family – so do they want to save him now, or were you expecting poison tea?
– Stiles has pretty much given up any idea of surviving – is this understandable?
– Chris’s scene with Isaac shows some pretty important development – we think there is a strong place for him in season 4.
– Derek’s “president of the Scott McCall fanclub” speech – awww, we are almost embarrassed for him. When did this Scott-worship begin? Did Derek undertake a vision quest?
– Was Deaton helpful in this episode? Why do you have to drag information out of him? Shouldn’t he just offer it up?
– A discussion about Talia and Deaton leads to some theories about ceremonial druid sexual rituals. Sorry.
– That Bad Moon Rising scene though. Like. Whoa.
– A follow up email? Really? Really??
– Deputy Parrish seems pretty chill about fighting ninjas.
– Our thoughts about Parrish are really deep.
– The silver bullet/arrowhead reveal – or silver as a poison for the Oni – why was this choice made?
– We were very much not expecting the Narnia room.
– Were you counting Oni manically too? Did you know it was a hallucination?
– Would we have wanted longer with Void Stiles? In reality it’s only been a few days – we have a slight tangent about the show’s timeline and how it can be a blessing and a curse. If canon is correct, Scott hasn’t even been a werewolf for a full calendar year!
– Thanks so much for making us research seppuku, Teen Wolf. That was real nice.
– We try to puzzle out the situation with the Bite – was the nogitsune’s body even real? Oh well, it worked, so no use questioning it now, really…
– Is there any lingering romance between Scott’s parents?
– Aiden has died, and we took it pretty badly. You can’t kill one twin, ever! It’s the cruelest thing!
– We talk a bit about the Kate and Peter dynamic – who’s more evil, on a scale of one to ten? Also, there’s a rumor that Kate is Malia’s mother, and the removal of her led to Kate’s vengeance against the Hales? Arrgggh.
– Malia’s going to be around more – we talk about her appearance at the end of the episode and how this character may act and interact with the pack next season. We’re still sort of confused that she’s not evil?
– Kate’s also back, and she probably is evil.
– Like, what even was that final scene? Why is Stiles Derek’s dream guru? Why is Kate a blue-faced Avatar reject?
– Seriously though, she’s probably a were-jaguar? What is happening?
– What are Kate and Gerard going to make of each other?
– Madison blows our minds with a theory about Allison’s vision of Kate earlier this season.
– Next season the pack will rescue Derek from Mexico – will this be the whole season’s arc, or just a few episodes? This season they kind of tricked us.
– In season 4 we request a proper sit-down pack meeting, please. Also a road trip.
– We hand over the Non Sequitur reins to Madison this week – she has a question for us!
– We discuss our plans for the hiatus – we have BiteCon coming up, plans for some Bite Sized episodes, and we also want to compile a list of fan questions for any future possible cast interviews!
– Thanks to Madison and thanks to y’all for sticking with us!

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